Coronavirus update: Prescriptions for malaria drug plummet at VA hospitals

Robert Wilkie

Government-run VA medical clinics have “tightened down” solutions for hydroxychloroquine as treatment for veterans with coronavirus.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie recounted the diving remedies at a House hearing on Thursday in the wake of studies connecting the problematic medication to an expanded danger of death and heart arrhythmia.

Week by week solutions for hydroxychloroquine among the VA clinics took off from around two in mid-March to a high of 404 fourteen days, after the fact when President Trump touted the counter malarial medication as a potential treatment for COVID-19, as indicated by VA information introduced to Congress, the Associated Press revealed. A week ago, there were only three solutions.

Wilkie said the medication was at first managed to vets “to give them trust” in the midst of constrained treatment choices.

“We are for the most part learning as we go in this emergency,” Wilkie told a House appointments subcommittee, the outlet composed. “Our main goal is to safeguard and secure life.”

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