Dubai government has also made many rules regarding Ramadan, know the new rules of Iftar, Sehri, and Namaz immediately!


Countries around the world are troubled by Coronavirus infection. Difficulties of Islamic countries have raised with the beginning of the month of Ramjan from 23 April to today. Some strict rules have been framed for Ramjan in Dubai to prevent the spread of infection.

Dubai has released new guidelines keeping Ramadan in mind. Under this, a maximum of 10 people can gather together for iftar. These can include only family and close friends.

With this, people who gather for Iftar or Sahari will not shake hands with each other. Restrictions on the donation of food and drink to anyone outside the house. However, during this, a mass donation can be done under the supervision of government companies. Donations can be made only through an authorized charity body.

1) Avoid sharing food and drinks with your friends and neighbors so that infection minimized.

2)There is a prohibition on offering Namaz after gathering in one place.

3)People living at home can offer Namaz together at home.

4)Get out of the house only when necessary.

5)Wearing a mask when exiting the house.

Ban also increased in Indonesia

Social distancing has been increased the capital Jakarta, with preparations for Ramadan inĀ  Indonesia, the world’s most Muslim population.

Jakarta Governor Anise Basvedan told the restrictions ending on Thursday have been extended till 22 May. Basvedan requested Muslims to postpone mosque-related activities during Ramadan to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo admitted last month that the government had decided to hide information about the Coronavirus outbreak in the country to prevent panic. But due to delay in physical distance regulations and less number of investigations, the risk of spreading the infection increase.

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