GOOD NEWS : Trial of Coronavirus vaccine on monkeys successful, the hope of success in the treatment of humans!


China seems to be moving towards developing the Coronavirus vaccine, According to a report, by Chinese Biotech, a vaccine of COVID-19 was given to the monkey, and this is the first time that the monkey’s life has survived the Coronavirus. Scientists say that the vaccine based on chemically inactivated version prepared on the old-time formula has not had any side effects on monkeys. The human trial of this vaccine has started on April 15.

The Chinese company made vaccines!

Two doses of vaccine made by Chinese company Sinopec Biotech, a private company, were given to eight monkeys. After three weeks, the same group injected with the same virus-based vaccine to the monkeys. This vaccine applied under the windpipe on the lungs of the monkeys. No signs of infection found in any monkey, and they give the highest dose of this vaccine.

After seven days, the virus found in them, but the researchers did not find any infection in their lungs. Although viral symptoms seen in some lower-dose monkeys, it appeared that post-vaccine infection control was successful.

This information revealed in a paper published on April 19 by the team of Synovic. Apart from this, high-level viral seen in four animals, and it noted in many parts of the body. Severe signs of pneumonia seen in those animals. According to Sinovic’s senior director, Meng Weining, he has gained a lot of confidence after the results. He is confident that this vaccine will be effective on humans as well.

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