Massive fire at Amazon warehouse briefly closes 10 Freeway in Redlands

Amazon fire

A fire tore through an Amazon distribution center in Redlands early Friday, setting off a huge reaction from firemen and quickly shutting a stretch of the 10 Freeway.

The burst was accounted for at the stockroom in the 2200 square of West Lugonia Avenue about 5:30 a.m. Video from the scene demonstrated gigantic blazes inundating the structure and crest of dark smoke surging into the air.

Firemen poured surges of water on blazes that seemed to inundate practically the entirety of the rambling structure and started to consume truck trailers, some with Amazon logos, left at stacking docks.

It was not promptly clear what caused the fire. Fire authorities have not announced any wounds.

Agents for Amazon couldn’t quickly be gone after remark.

The blast incited authorities to shut down the 10 Freeway in the two headings for over 60 minutes. The expressway revived soon after 7 a.m.

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