Scientists made this big disclosure, know when to get rid of corona

Corona Virus

The Whole world is troubled by Corona’s havoc.  The infection of this disease is also increasing day by day.  PM Modi has also extended the lockdown date till 3 May.  But there is a question in everyone’s mind that when and how will it end?  When will its havoc end?

As many countries are trying to overcome the corona virus infection with the help of lockdown and social distancing tricks, World Health Organization(WHO) Special Ambassador David Nabarro said that the virus is not going to end so soon.

Erik Figel Ding, a global health economist at Harvard Chain School of Public Health, said that we may have to be in lockdown for 1 or 2 months but that does not mean that the virus will be totally eradicated.

Many countries are struggle with this virus. Number of People dying day to day. This is very sensitive situation for all the countries. Italy is one of the most coronavirus infected country. Maximum number of people are dying here through coronavirus.

Even after putting too much affords , we are not able to prepare a medicine for rescue of coronavirus. So the social distancing and self cleaning is the only way to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Wash your hands properly and avoid to go outside.

Our Prime minister are doing all the efforts to make us comfortable in home and also provide food to poor people. Police and medical staff is doing their duty in critical situation. So as a responsible citizen of our country we have to follow all the rules and regulations and support our government in this difficult situation.

This is a request  from us to all of you please don’t go outside unnecessary.

Stay safe, Stay Home

( Spend Quality time with your family and to beat coronavirus.)

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