Trump has been publicly blaming China.

Donald Trump

Trump has been publicly blaming China for the epidemic for the past several days. The US President called the virus an invisible enemy and simultaneously began an investigation against it.

Trump has also hinted on Monday that the United States may seek damages from China due to the coronavirus. Trump said the amount would be higher than in Germany.

Germany has demanded $ 140 billion in damages from China. Trump briefed the media at the White House on Tuesday. During, this time he said, ‘This virus is present in 184 countries.

I often say that it is very difficult to believe this. It is completely incomprehensible. He further said, ‘Where the virus originated, it should have stopped, it which was China but it did not happen. And now 184 countries have to suffer hell. ‘

US President Donald Trump is once again raging on China. He has once again said that China did not make any effort to stop the coronavirus in the beginning, and because of this, 185 countries of the world are in hell today.

Trump’s statement comes at a time when many US lawmakers have demanded that the time has come to reduce China’s dependence on minerals and manufacturing. In the US, now one million people are infected with corona, and 58,955 people have died.

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