Ways To Strengthen Your Lungs!!


Doing these 3 asanas strengthens your lung and in turn protects you from corona virus

According to doctors, the corona virus infection first spreads to the lungs. The infection reaches the lungs and collects phlegm, which causes many problems to people. The problem of shortness of breath is the most prominent among these problems. The corona virus affects people with weak lungs.

Concerns are growing all over the world about Coronavirus. The number of people infected with Corona is steadily increasing. Therefore, there are many countries, including India, where the lockdown has been announced. There is a constant appeal by the government to stay in their homes, so that infection can be prevented. According to research, one person infected with corona can infect 408 people. Although the death toll from Coronavirus is small, but if a person is exposed to the coronavirus, it can prove fatal to him. Because the immunity of an infected person is very weak.

Therefore, it is very important to strengthen your lungs to avoid this virus. Along with this, efforts should also be made to increase immunity, so that this dangerous disease can be avoided. Today we are going to tell you about some asanas, whose regular practice can strengthen your lungs.

The asanas are:-

-Palm tree
-Matsyasan. Thsese are further explained in detail below.


This posture is similar to that of a cow. The way to do this asana is very simple. Lungs can be strengthened by regular practice of this asana. With this, all respiratory diseases can be cured. Sit on the ground to do Gomukhasana. After this, open your legs well. Now start this pose from the knee. Raise your knees slowly and then try to bring your left heel near your right hip. Similarly try to bring your right knee near your left hip. Stay up to your limits and sit in this posture. You will gradually complete this mudra easily.

After this, bend your left hand and move it backwards. Then bend your right hand towards your back. After this you try to touch your hands. Sit in the same posture for about 30 seconds. Change your hands by changing this pose. Do it at least 4 to 5 times in the morning. You can also extend this period.

Palm tree

This posture should be done on an empty stomach in the morning. Lungs can be strengthened by regular practice of this asana. With this, you can remove the heaviness of the stomach with this asana. Doing Tadasana regularly makes the body flexible and muscle pains are also reduced.

To perform this asana, stand upright on a clean and flat spot. You have to stand so that your two heels touch each other. Now mix the palms of both your hands together. Then, while bringing the two together upwards, move both your hands above the head. Stand with your fingers crossed. Now open both the hands and bring them down. In the meantime, try to bring maximum stretch in your body.


Matsyasana resembles the posture of a fish. By doing this asana regularly, respiratory disease is cured. If you want to strengthen your lungs, then this asana is very good for you. Do it daily on an empty stomach, it will benefit more. To do this asana, lie straight and join the ankles and toes. Put the head on the ground by turning the neck backwards and raising the spine slightly, stop at this stage as much as possible. Keep the palms near the waist, towards the ground.

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